UniKey’s very own, Lee Odess, flew out to Birmingham, UK, for the annual FIT Trade Show in order to give us some insider knowledge on the what’s-what in the smart lock and access control industries. The trade show hosted several big names in the industry like ERAIceni Windows, and Avantek; showcasing the exceptional tech advancements in the field. Moreover, the show certainly did not disappoint when it came to exciting developments and even entertainment. After the show, Lee gave us a quick run-down on his main takeaways, as well as the apparent trends he noticed throughout the event.

The UK and Europe are ready to bring on smart devices

With the rise of smart homes, smart cities, and even autonomous cars, the UK and Europe are developing some of the most sophisticated, game-changing technology in order to make these concepts a reality. Lee explains that when it comes to Europe’s technological devices, “historically it has just been about connecting things or just powering them. Now it’s about making them smart”. Overall, the industry is ready to reshape the way we use our smart devices in order to create a safer, more sophisticated and convenient ecosystem.

Manufacturers are paying careful attention to aesthetics and experience

When it comes to their hardware, manufacturers are not only recognizing the importance of their products’ connected security, but also the overall aesthetics and experience their customers can appreciate.“They care about the finishes, how it feels, how it sounds…they are also focused heavily on the user interaction and making sure it’s seamless and adds value,” Lee points out.

The customer is always right (from end-users to locksmiths to fabricators)

This is something the industry vets understand and is sometimes overlooked by the new companies looking to “disrupt” the industry. When it comes to the security and peace of mind of their homeowners, industry leaders like ERA always deliver the finest security and stand behind it with guarantees; promising that if anything happens to a user’s home due to a faulty ERA product, the homeowner will be met with immediate response and care. It’s known as ERA Total Security. After seeing all of the remarkable hardware, technology, and a huge event full of innovative minds and ideas, there’s no doubt that the unveiled products are sure to deliver impressive experiences for homeowners and manufacturers alike.

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