UniKey’s business model aligns with yours. We partner with industry leaders looking to develop mobile key solutions across the residential, commercial, automotive industries and beyond. To date, we have 17+ major customers and over 1,000,000 users on our platform. 


You’re in good company

Customer Highlights

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset beat the competition to bring the first Bluetooth smart lock to market in 2013 by partnering with UniKey and establishing  an early lead in the field. 


DMP worked with UniKey to seamlessly integrate mobile access control into their readers.

Haven Connect

Haven brings a new dynamic to locking technology. 10x stronger than most deadbolts, the Haven Connect is set to disrupt the industry  not only through physical security but also with the innovation of UniKey and its mobile access technology.

KeyHero by The Hillman Group

In an effort to bring the world a readily-accessible, digital keyring, The Hillman Group partnered with UniKey.  Utilizing the mobile key platform, Hillman found all of the necessary tools to digitize their existing hardware and solutions, resulting in “KeyHero” which turns a user’s physical keyring into a digital one; conveniently stored on the product’s mobile application.

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