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What does UniKey do?

UniKey is a mobile access control platform provider that works exclusively on building unparalleled, secure and convenient mobile key solutions for security manufacturers.


What products does UniKey offer?

UniKey offers a mobile key platform in two different variations that cater to our partner’s unique needs. UniKey also builds standalone mobile access control solutions for any use.


Who does UniKey work with?

UniKey works with market-leading security manufacturers in the residential, commercial, automotive, and general technology industries with the goal of building the best mobile access control products in the business.


How is UniKey different?

UniKey is the first and only mobile key platform that unites all major security sectors under one intelligent application. It’s also the only open mobile key option that allows anyone to utilize any piece of the platform.


I have an existing security system, can I upgrade it with UniKey’s technology?

Whether it’s a 30 year-old security system or one that’s yet to be built, UniKey’s platform can be seamlessly integrated into any piece of access control technology. 


I don’t want to use all of UniKey’s platform, just pieces of it. What do I do?

UniKey’s platform can be used in-full or our customers can choose individual pieces of it that they wish to use. Visit our developer resources page for more information.

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