Explore How You Can Build on UniKey’s Mobile Key Platform to Create Secure and Convenient Access Control Solutions.

UniKey provides customers with a mobile key platform to enhance products or bring new products to life. Whether you’re in the commercial, residential, automotive, retail, hospitality, or any other business industry, leverage our proven technology and mobile IP to bring seamless access control solutions to your customers.

Collaboration is Key

UniKey’s business model aligns with yours. Our platform allows you to focus on your strengths in manufacturing, branding, and distribution, while leveraging our team, intellectual property, and rapid development capabilities to produce your smart access control solutions.

Any Industry, Any Vertical, Anywhere

The UniKey Platform is designed to be flexible, scalable, and cost-effective for your business needs. It can be implemented anywhere your customer requires access management, verification, and allowance.


UniKey’s residential platform can be found in over 350,000 locks in 65 different countries, powering smart security and seamless at-door experiences across the globe.


Through several major partnerships, UniKey is bringing traditional PACS online; delivering smarter, more intuitive access control experiences.


By partnering with major car manufacturers to revolutionize the key ring, UniKey is creating a true bridge between the digital and physical worlds.


Smart access isn’t just for doors. UniKey is equipping companies and individuals with the tools to bring the everyday key, code, or password to the next level.

Platform Features & Benefits

Our platform not only simplifies the development process of mobile access control products but also includes several pieces of UniKey-exclusive technology and security.

Security First

UniKey’s platform protects customers with advanced cryptographic security measures. With over 1 million users and growing, we keep security top-of-mind by performing routine audits, backups, and updates.

Proven Expertise

We are the pioneers in hands-free mobile access technology. Using UniKey’s proprietary Touch-to-Open® Technology and Inside/Outside Intelligence®, gaining access to the home or office is as simple as tapping a reader or deadbolt.

Reduce Your Risk

Save time and money by circumventing the expenses as well as the security, technical, legal, and financial roadblocks that can arise in the mobile key development process.

Go Faster

Building a mobile access control product can take over 30+ months. Accelerate your time to market with a platform that’s not only designed for seamless integration, but also proven in the security industry.

Gain Insights

Increase effectiveness and streamline processes by accessing valuable key performance product and user metrics that are important to you and your business.

Integrate & Connect

Our open APIs allow you to join a thriving ecosystem of connected devices. Give users a unique experience by combining your product with other smart solutions, such as the Ring Doorbell, Nest Thermostat, Amazon Echo and more.

UniKey's Key Packages

Now that you've explored our platform, choose between our two key packages, which contain all the ingredients for enabling a mobile solution.


Do you want to build a custom mobile access control solution? Are you looking for kits and documentation to guide your team through the design and development processes, while still owning it yourself?

Check out the Integration package


Are you looking for a quick time to market? Do you want a simple, seamless package that eliminates the guesswork and requires little to no custom work to get your product off the ground?

Check out the Turnkey package