Go Mobile. Go Faster. Go UniKey.

Roughly ten years ago Coca-Cola, GE, IBM, Nokia, and HP were some of the top brands that seemed impervious to change, the unpredictable fluctuations of our economy, or any incumbent, rival company out there. However, with the advent of sophisticated technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, smartphones, and the internet of things the power quickly shifted away from the above super brands as smaller, more digitally strategic companies began to establish themselves.

The UniKey Platform

Imagine a world where you don’t have to do the typical “phone, keys, wallet” check every time you walk out the door. A world where access to your home, car, and office is all simplified. Your keychain is now your phone. With UniKey’s one-of-a-kind mobile key platform, access control is taking on a new appearance, where security and convenience are no longer mutually exclusive.