This year was the launch of the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly known as ASIS, and whether you’re a security director, end user, or OEM you had to be there to witness everything that is happening with today’s security technology. From Robotics to AI and Machine Learning to reimagined Mobile Applications, this year’s event was anything but your run-of-the-mill security conference. However, beyond the futuristic security robots and drones was a more subtle theme and the reason why developers are working to deploy such advanced solutions. This theme, according to UniKey’s executives was, “reinventing the consumer-security experience.” Below we have a list of the top trends that will contribute to the development of smarter, faster, and stronger security solutions for every consumer.

AI & Machine Learning
One of the many ways our team saw AI and machine learning being utilized was through video surveillance technology. With AI and Machine Learning, systems can learn to better identify people, objects, and even actions in order to keep a safer eye on facilities and the people within them. Systems can also learn to recognize and notify security directors of any required maintenance.
Mobile Security
Yes, mobile access control was an incredibly popular product at GSX 2018, however this time we’re talking about security that’s on the move. This year’s conference saw more security drones, droids, and counter-UAV defense systems than ever before. Companies were showcasing anything from security robots who could also detect spills and leaks to sophisticated drones that could effectively monitor building exteriors.
Passive Solutions
With the introduction of more advanced technology, security is beginning to see an emphasis on passive solutions. Consumers are looking for security systems that make access seamless and unobtrusive. One of the systems our executives noticed was Boon Edam’s Lifeline Speedlane Swing turnstile line. The turnstile utilizes IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ technology which enables touchless fingerprint recognition, so that individuals need only slide their hand through a scanner instead of having to stop and have their hand be scanned.
Real-time Notifications
Companies like AppArmor and Sielox are introducing new ways to keep campuses safe. With push notifications, intelligent location sharing, and real-time crime reportings, these applications give campuses more tools to keep occupants informed of any dangerous situations. Some applications, like Sielox CLASS, even offer two way communication between occupants and first responders so they may exchange helpful details and instructions from one another during emergencies.
Mobile Everything
This year, and in the years to come, mobile applications will be prominent security trends. Mobile access control systems that enable remote sharing, revoking, and monitoring of user credentials are becoming a must-have option for consumers. Mobile Access Control is also becoming a highly sought after solution as it can potentially integrate with and enhance legacy security systems. From remote monitoring of video surveillance feeds to enabling frictionless and robust security solutions, the possibilities of what companies can do with mobile access control technology are nearly endless.

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