Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of interest and global adoption of IoT devices and the smart and convenient applications they offer their users. Smart homes are now on the rise and following right behind this popular trend is the smart office. Below we discuss just a handful of IoT devices that can improve the efficiency, productivity, security, and overall company culture of any office.

1. Smart Thermostat

At one point or another, we have all sat in a stuffy or freezing office that has made us question whether the building had any form of air quality control installed. One of the better ways to prevent anyone from having to sit through an uncomfortable day at the office, is by getting a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can notify the office manager when it needs any kind of maintenance before your air stops circulating and your employees shed their layers. They can also moderate the air’s temperature; keeping the air cool during work hours and raising the temperature at the end of the day. A simple and effective piece of IoT technology that could save your office from an uncomfortable day and electric bills.

2. Smart Coffee Maker

Most of your employees will appreciate a cup of coffee or two throughout the work day. They’ll also appreciate a smart coffee maker that can learn their coffee schedule, or can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the office through a shared mobile application. Some coffee makers can also learn how each person likes their coffee prepared and make them a latte or cappuccino. Others can also work with Amazon Alexa and the Google Home for voice control.

3. Smart Whiteboards

Smart Whiteboards, or “Smartboards”, are great tools that will ensure your team never misses out on any notes or concepts that were jotted down in a meeting. With these IoT devices, notes that have been recorded on the whiteboard can be saved and backed up to the cloud, and printed out later for anyone who missed any details. For best results, have a coworker with legible handwriting take notes on the smartboard.

4. Smart Conferencing Tools

Thanks to modern technology, we no longer need to be in the same room in order to hold a meeting. Video chat conferencing through Google Hangouts or Skype make remote work possible, while also providing a more personable and effective way for businesses and coworkers to work and communicate with one another from anywhere in the world. Additionally, tools like Google’s Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit makes it easier to sync up your meetings and keep everyone organized through seamless integration with G Suite, which includes Google docs, calendar, drive, gmail, and more.

5. eKey Kecards

Smart locks first made their way into our homes about half a decade ago. Now they’re making their way to our offices as a means of providing more secure and convenient access. The great thing about smart locks is that an office manager can keep an eye on the status of the main entrance from any remote location through a mobile app; ensuring that all points of access are secured at all times. They can also keep track of who has entered the office and when they were granted access. Moreover, if an employee happens to lose their digital eKey, a new replacement key can be sent to them almost instantaneously. Rekeying and spending more money on key cards is no longer necessary.


A Smarter Office is a Happier Office

As we mentioned, these are just some of the tools that can make employees happier and workspaces more efficient. With UniKey’s mobile key platform, many of these connected devices can be integrated and made to work with one another to create a smarter office space for all your employees. To learn more about UniKey, its smart lock technology, and all potential IoT integrations, visit unikey.com.

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