Whether it’s Latch or Kevo or even the Ellipse bike lock, mobile access control is experiencing a boom. In all key verticals: residential, commercial, automotive, and so on, we’re seeing this trend driving many companies to build sophisticated mobile access products. Some companies are developing these products on their own mobile key platforms, while others are partnering with reliable access control platform providers. In almost every use case, the benefits of integrating with a secure platform greatly outweigh the drawbacks. We discuss a few reasons why below:

1) Customization

For companies who are looking to have a considerable amount of customization throughout the development process of their product, choosing to partner with a platform provider will prove to be the most promising decision. A platform provider’s main concern will always lie in the overall performance of the software that’s embedded in your product, meaning the entire look of your reader or deadbolt will be up to you.

2) Scalability

When it comes to mobile access control, scalability is a must. Users will expect to be able to send, accept, and authenticate eKey credentials at any point. Creating a system that’s able to handle anywhere from 1 to 1,000,000 users is a specialty for platform providers as it’s something that is always anticipated in this tech savvy world full of growing digital adopters. Today’s platforms are also built in cloud environments, which make them more cost efficient. As demand for the products grow, there’s no need to worry about purchasing more servers in order to sustain software efficiency.

3) Reduction of Risk (and costs)

To dive a little deeper into the cost efficiency of mobile access platforms, integrators and partners can experience a significant cut in development costs and risks when building on a platform that’s already proven itself in performance, security, and user experience. What’s more, partners won’t have to worry about the legal and development roadblocks and expenses throughout production; accelerating time to market for the product.

4) Cutting Edge Technology

Additionally, one of the greatest opportunities platform providers have to offer their partners is the impressive pieces of technology that are unique to these companies’ systems. At UniKey all of our partners have the ability to take advantage of unparalleled IP, which include Touch-to-Open®, Inside/Outside Authentication, and machine learning capabilities. All of our technological staples work to unlock simplicity and enhance user experiences while upholding the greatest level of security in the mobile access control market.

5) Integrations

Finally, with more and more people connecting IoT products like the Nest and Alexa to their mobile access products, demand for integrations is growing. Keeping users’ wishes in mind, most platform providers operate and build their platforms on open APIs in order to ensure extensibility for their products and make future technological growth feasible through a flexible system. With these open APIs, partners can expand on their product’s features in order to offer customers unrivaled user experiences.

To learn more about UniKey’s secure access control platform, visit us at unikey.com.

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