It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been two years since UniKey first published this article. Several things in our world have changed since then. Apple has rolled out four new iPhones,  Verizon turned on 5G Home, the world’s first 5G network, and there are now more voice assistants like Alexa out there than there are Star Trek remakes (hyperbolic but still, you get the point). Our technology and the consumer products that have stemmed from today’s tech are changing. They’re advancing and progressing into smarter forms of their predecessors and delivering new, intelligent, and exciting experiences. However, no matter the technology advancements that have taken place these past two years, there’s one thing that has remained the same, and that’s the importance of consumer experience.


With CES 2019 currently underway we’re seeing the future arrive in the products companies are debuting at the biggest consumer electronics show in the world. These products are becoming more consumer-centric; delivering more personalized experiences that feel unique to every user. This year’s consumer electronics show exemplifies this movement. With Intellithing’s RoomMe which is the first solution to enable person specific, room-level presence-based operation of IoT smart home devices to Philips introducing a whole host of personalized consumer healthcare products on the showroom floor, personalization is climbing the ranks in importance. While personalization has become a priority for product developers, the key to maintaining consumers’ loyalty still lies in consistency. Jakob Nielsen, dubbed the “King of Usability” by Internet Magazine states that “Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles: when things always behave the same, users don’t have to worry about what will happen.”


Below is a graphic from that displays retailer’s continued emphasis and focus on creating a consistent user experience:

With this insight we can understand that: yes, personalization is becoming an evermore popular element to consumer products/electronics, however, the level of consistency in the products’ quality and reliability will always be the key to a winning experience and happy consumer-base.


At UniKey our top priority is not only keeping customers safe but also providing a consistently reliable at-door experience. To learn more about the platform and surrounding IP that makes this possible, visit

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