BlueKey products from UniKey enable PACS OEMs with the fastest path to mobile access control. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about BlueKey and what it can do for you. 

The BlueKey brand was created to offer a complete hardware and software solution to help PACS OEMs take the first steps into mobile access control with ease. UniKey’s goal is to be a partner to OEMs as we assist them on their path to building their own unique mobile key solutions.

The BlueKey brand offers OEMs several off-the-shelf solutions to help them get to market quickly with mobile access control products. The BlueKey offering includes:

BlueKey Prox + BLE Reader: With the BlueKey reader, you and your team can create new mobile solutions while maintaining backward compatibility with your legacy readers with an all-in-one Bluetooth enabled mobile access reader for prox cards. The reader can retrofit legacy PACS systems and easily implement features such as Touch-To-Open® for enhanced user experience at the door. No rewiring or paneling required.

Mobile App: A simple solution; utilize BlueKey’s mobile apps to deliver an intuitive application. The Mobile App securely stores eKeys and is remotely managed by the Cloud Management Portal enabling eKeys to be sent to a phone anywhere, any time. Currently available for iOS and Android.

Cloud Management Portal: For faster deployment, utilize BlueKey’s web portal. The portal provides a convenient place for security managers to remotely issue, manage, and delete eKeys on end user mobile phones.

eKeys: eKeys are the modern version of credentials that can be delivered remotely to a phone anywhere in the world. The legacy access control system continues to decide who has access and when. However, the insecure and easy to clone prox cards are replaced by state of the art eKeys utilizing bank-level encryption.

To fast-track your path to mobile access control, utilize UniKey’s BlueKey Launch Kit. The kit contains enough readers and eKeys to support 5-10 typical installations along with 6 months of portal support. Please click here to learn more about the BlueKey Launch Kit. 

BlueKey branded products are finished products, designed to help PACS OEMs bring a mobile access solution to market faster. However, if you and your team would like to customize any BlueKey components, UniKey’s team can leverage the same tools used to create the BlueKey products to create a custom, branded web and mobile application for your product. If your team would like to go even further and build your own app from scratch or to simply integrate UniKey functionality into your existing apps, then our team can provide intuitive web APIs and SDKs to enable a deeper level of customization. To learn more about our APIs and SDKs, please visit our blog.

In the case that you’d like to modify the BlueKey reader to meet your product vision, your team has the ability to brand the hardware, select colors for the reader’s LED ring, and even rework the structure of its plastic encasement. Similar to our mobile and web applications, additional customization is also available for the reader wherein UniKey can make our hardware reference design available, and offer engineering services to assist in the development of a custom BLE reader.

Go mobile. Go faster. Go BlueKey.

Still have questions about BlueKey or ready to get started with your mobile access control product? Please contact us and see what your team can accomplish with BlueKey.

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