UniKey’s PbU Module

Enable Smart Access Control the Easy Way 

This single piece of powerful technology allows you to update and build your existing products into smart, secure access control solutions through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Achieve greater accessibility and opportunity by connecting the digital and physical security worlds through the PbU Module.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use: Designed to be plug and play for a simple integration with your legacy locks and readers.
  • Secure: Advanced cryptographic security measures protecting your products and customers, present in just one single module.
  • Cost Effective: Reduce costs associated with development, hardware components, certification timelines and time to market by utilizing UniKey’s proven technology.
  • Connected: Configured to connect to UniKey’s access control platform providing you with all the flexible mobile credential services needed to allow your customers to decide who has access and when.
  • Advanced Tech: Enhance your products with UniKey’s Touch-to-open® Technology and Inside/Outside Intelligence™, along with the use of BLE, which allows users to enjoy a passive experience at points of access.
  • Proven Expertise: Let us navigate the development roadblocks and reduce your risk with our team of dedicated software engineers





2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy

.823 x .646 Inches (20.90 x 16.41 mm)


Bluetooth SIG
FCC Certified Module

Module is preloaded with UniKey’s full firmware stack for BLE based authentication

Includes fully documented Coprocessor Interface for bidirectional communication with a host processor

Integrated Buck Converter supporting 4.2 to 2.1V
5uA System Sleep Current

Communication Interface:
UniKey’s Coprocessor Interface over either UART or SPI

Other Capabilities:
Onboard Antenna with U.FL support for external antenna enables extending range and UniKey’s Inside/Outside technology 

General Purpose I/O available in conjunction with Coprocessor Interface

Real Time Clock  

4MB Data Flash for secure storage

Built-in and accelerated cryptography