PACS OEM Reader & Mobile Credential Platform

Prox and Bluetooth-to-Wiegand Reader

Create new mobile solutions or bring your legacy readers online with the all-in-one Bluetooth enabled mobile access reader for Prox Cards. The reader can retrofit legacy PACS systems using Prox and easily implement optional features such as Touch-To-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™ for an enhanced user experience at the door. The reader is both cost-effective and easy to install, without requiring any rewiring or paneling.

The UniKey Platform

UniKey is jump-starting the PACS of the future while enhancing today’s legacy systems. Our secure and open mobile access control platform allows partners to rapidly develop and deploy mobile access credentials for commercial locks and readers on a proven and scalable system.

UniKey’s Commercial Smart Reader

The same patented technology that made UniKey a pioneer in the residential smart lock space is now available for commercial applications.  Integrate a best-in-class mobile access experience with your commercial lock or reader.  Your customers do not need to sacrifice convenience for security and pay a premium.

Features and Benefits


  • Proximity Card Support:
    • 26 to 37-bit Wiegand Prox formats
    • Other Prox formats available upon request
  • RFID Modulation Support:
    • EM4102 (ASK modulations)
    • ISOProx II (HID Prox II H10301 compatible FSK modulations)
  • Secure BLE Credentials:
    • PKI-based unique credentials for each user
  • Mobile Device Support:
    • Any Apple device running iOS 10.0 or higher
    • Any Android device running Android v5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, so long as it supports BLE peripheral mode
  • UniKey Cloud Portal

    • Easily deployable mobile apps from UniKey app store to all cardholders


  • Customization: Purchase a finished UniKey branded reader and app or customize your product from start to finish.
  • Cloud-based Access Control Features:  License electronic key cloud services through an API, or as a web service. A stand-alone portal to work alongside existing PACS software is also supported.
  • Fast and Easy Deployment: Off-the-shelf solution with two options for easy deployment:
    • Integrate the backend through API cloud integration
    • Standalone parallel integration
  • Best-in-Class User Experience:  With the PACS reader, consumers can enjoy a frictionless at-door experience with UniKey’s proprietary Passive Intent™ technology. They can present their phone as a card or leave their phone in their pocket to access the door.
  • Easy to Use: Mobile credentials only require an email address, card ID, and facility code to issue. Bulk CSV and single-user credential issuance supported.
  • Security First: UniKey mobile credentials are protected with strong asymmetric cryptography and PKI infrastructure, keeping consumers safe.
  • Cost-effective: This low-cost mobile credential solution offers faster deployment and time-to-market than a traditional solution.



Bluetooth Low Energy

Wiegand-based Proximity 125kHz (ASK and FSK)


Mullion or U.S. Single-gang (using included adapted plate)


6.0″ x 1.7″ x 1.3″


24AWG cable


5kHz buzzer

Indoor & Outdoor Installations:

Electronics potted and sealed with tamper-resistant epoxy


100mA typical at 12 VDC

Read Range:

Approximately 3″


+6V to 16V



Operating Temperature:

-40°C to +50°C


Black with a clear surface


FCC, UL 294, IP-65, and Bluetooth

Download the SR2 data sheet